Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 things i'm thankful for

1. running water. hot. cold. from a faucet. from a hose. drinking water. well water. in a pool.
2. my sister...yeah, my brother-in-law too. they are irreplaceable (and indispensable, and indisposable, and irrevocable, and...hehe)
3. mom had a 41 OUNCE bag of skittles waiting for me when i arrived!!
4. my own coffee pot. for a year i've been pouring boiling water over coffee grinds and just letting them sink to the bottom, or (frown face) drinking nescafe!!! bye bye grinds, bye bye instant!
5. going out of my house and not stressing...because EVERYONE here speaks my language. it's a circus when most of your communication with people is charades or desperate attempts at sign language...or through a translator.
6. fields of green and skies of blue...and texas sunsets!! i start to wilt a bit when i can't see these things...oh and stars too!
7. rest.
8. a job (i took a teaching/coaching position at lee junior high!!), a house to live in, and hopefully wheels of my own very soon...(anyone selling or know of anything?)
9. steadfast friends that love me despite the fact that i leave the country for long periods of time and am not the greatest at communication...
10. hope in Christ...that i can't seem to get rid of or push away or sleep off or forget about or talk myself out of or label as nonsense. there it remains, because He has remained.

my cup runneth over...

ok and to change gears...i'm happy to be a texas girl. the last couple days i've enjoyed time working out at the ranch. i'm working on a farmer's tan and it ain't pretty. today we ear-tagged spring calves and sold off some bigger was fun. and my hot shot daddy shot a rattle snake!! i am definitely back in the lone star state!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

back in the sweet state of texas

well, here i am back in texas...

and it's a little strange. what was the norm for me (which the world would consider far from norm) is now over and gone. a chapter in my life that is over. the people and places are no longer tangible, they're stories and pictures. now i'm back to what was once my norm...san angelo, texas. each time i leave and come back it becomes a little more difficult to settle back in. i'm not sure i'd call it culture shock, maybe just a challenging transition. i've lived out of a suitcase for a year sharing space, time, and life with 12 other girls. now i've got my own room, my own space. i can eat what i want, watch what i want, go where i want, talk to who i want, have what i want...being back in my own culture is a little overwhelming. being a constant learner of new culture has become what i'm used to. somehow i think there's a Jesus culture i can continue to learn and take on...while embracing the good of my own culture and resisting the not so good (consumerism, materialism).

rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will in Christ Jesus...hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil.

i've been so blessed to be spending alot of time with my family. they're such a blessing to's been nice to be able to come home, myself. i can just be me, processing and pondering and crying and laughing and remembering and plotting for the future. my family continues to teach me about the unconditional love of the Father... thanks dad, mom, susan
the past year was a challenge, an adventure, a struggle, a joy...a priceless experience. i welcomed new life into the world and mourned over little lives that didn't make it. i sang and prayed over laboring moms. i layed my hands on countless bellies moving with expectant life beneath my palms. i held babies smiling over their futures filled with hope and opportunity. i taught women about Jesus and healthcare alongside my teamates, bla bla...and when i say i, i mean we. i did life with a group of amazing, godly women...and Jesus was there through it all, crying over loss and rejoicing over life. He's been good to me.

my team along with some cherished friends in indonesia
little indian treasures

a lovely indonesian woman

kid in an indonesian slum area

training women in mother and child healthcare in indonesia
taking blood pressures in the maternity hospital in india
indonesian child whose mother was attending our teaching
training the sudanese traditional birth attendants
sudanese momma and babe
indian pastor and wife that we worked with in india

praying for christian student nurses
that hall we'd walk through almost every day with expectancy and prayers for life
my amazing german midwife friend aline
a precious woman we met in the antenatal ward, with her new baby girl
the day we practiced taking blood and starting iv's on eachother
a family that let us do antenatal care and pray for women in their home.
canadian bethany and i at the beach in perth our last week
me and ash laying in the grass gazing at stars
lindsey from atlanta; my laughing buddy
we had breakfast on the beach our last week in perth, it was sooo windy
our indonesian friends that owned a cute little clothing and accessory store. we'd always go and practice our extremely limited indonesian phrases with them....haha.
a woman we did an antenatal check for, i hope that babe is born by now!
friends we met in an indonesian mallme and some of the girls
some beautiful sudanese mommas

well, on to the future. i'm applying for teaching jobs. yes, it's true. i'm thinking of sticking around for a while, so instead of trying to write anymore we can just go get coffee or something.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

goodbye to you, goodbye to you...

seriously, this will have been more than a week long goodbye by the time we get outa here...
i'm not good at goodbye's. in fact the more short and sweet, the better. no long akward pauses, no thoughts like, "i may never see these people again..." i've just never been a fan of lingering over goodbye. i guess it's difficult here in indonesia because we've met soooo many people from all over the city. everyone wants to take you out to goodbye dinner or to a goodbye movie, maybe goodbye coffee guy is even coming to help us out with friday goodbye house cleanup(voluntarily, so that he can clean out our refrigerator...what a boy.) fun fun. when everyone is tearing up *sniff sniff* and sharing akwardly long embraces, that's a convenient time for me to go to the bathroom or maybe wash my hair. i'm not sure why i'm complaining. next week will be worse. i've spent a year with 12 other girls with hardly any privacy. in fact since leaving perth we haven't even been able to go out alone...everything's been in pairs or threes or 13's. in a week i get to start saying goodbye to them. i'm not an emotional fareweller. it's not that i don't care, life just goes on. anyways, i guess it's been a while since i posted anything and this is the best thing i could come up with. haha. anyways, i have to go and clean up...a couple of my lovely indonesian friends are coming for goodbye time. or maybe i'll just call it "see you later" time. i like see you later, it's less dramatic...bla. bla.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today was beautiful...i think Sunday is my favorite day of the week.


i really love people.

over the past 10 months i have met so many beautiful people. they have come in many different shapes and sizes and colors, but all beautiful. a variety of traditions, ways of doing things, eating habits, languages, beliefs...

last night my leader came and said that we were expected to share a message at the church we were visiting this morning. our contact had called 5 minutes earlier. i said i could...

church was so beautiful this was alive, and vibrant, and passionate. i ended up speaking at a youth service, which was a fun opportunity. they're really in love with Jesus...

afterwards they escorted us to a little office where KFC chicken sandwhiches, coke, and fun little indonesian desserts awaited us. beautiful hospitality.

immediately after we finished at church we went into our own backyard neighborhood and finished the last day of a 3 day mother and child healthcare seminar. i love the 3rd day. today the women took what they learned to the streets. they chose people they wanted to visit and taught them something they learned over the past couple of days. they took us to see a woman with a newborn, and like pros they taught on breastfeeding and cord care. they visited other moms teaching them about good nutrition and dehydration and fever was alot of fun.

later we stayed to pray for the family that let us meet in their home. they're a christian family living in what they call a "fanatical muslim" neighborhood. their house is actually a 2 minute walk away from where we live. mrs. lani especially is really lovely...she made us feel right at home and made loads of fried indonesian snacks for all of us each day. then after all of the women would leave she would bring out more plates with more special snacks. she doesn't speak a word of english, but her actions spoke love and hospitality and welcome...

we've also had some of the most amazing translators...they give us their free days to come out with us and translate. beautiful selflessness.

hopefully in the next couple days i can share about what i spoke about in church this morning...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

free socks

last night we went bowling. we got free socks!! reedok socks. i bowled a whoppin' 74 folks. not great, not too shabby...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

random Sunday

seriously, my life is so random. today we went to a wedding. we didn't know the bride or the groom. never met them. someone invited us yesterday and said it would be nice if we came...congrats to dewi and rocky. aren't they beautiful!? we got a free meal out of it and a taste of indo culture as well. they even wanted a pic with all of us. cheese. we posed smiling and must have been 143 degrees or close. maybe not. all that body heat and humidity was a real downer though. we've almost given up on fixing our hair and makeup before going out...anyways i took some uninteresting pictures to keep myself mildly entertained...this lady took off her glasses and posed for me. sweetheart. i wanted a picture of her eating her avacado ice cream, but she opted for serious rather than silly.

so rachel and i had a contest to see who could pull off the biggest pair of sunglasses. are big sunglasses still in? how would i know. i've been searching for a girly magazine all over that's not in indonesian. i finally found an In Style magazing thursday. i tore through it checking out the latest ridiculous things people are wearing. after a couple "that's so last year" thoughts i checked out the date. June 2007. nice. oh well, don't judge me if i come home still sporting tights under a baby doll dress, huge shades, and a shaggy fringe.

random post for a random day...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i'm such a mystery

here are the answers:

1. right after i turned 18 (senior year) vanilla ice did a show at graham' and 2 of my friends had to go. i can still remember jamming out to vanilla ice on the playground when we were in 3rd grade...i won't say it was cool, because....well, it wasn't.
2. usa, mexico, australia, singapore, thailand, dubai, india, sudan, uganda, indonesia.
3. duh
4. during my 3 months in india i did catch 28 beautiful, slimy, screaming babies...we were working in a government maternity hospital that saw 50-70 delieveries a day, so needless to say there were enough deliveries to go around!
5. can't do it
6. i shot my first deer when i was in the 5th grade, so that would put me at 11. my papa miller used to come and pick me up from school at fairview and we'd drive out to the ranch for an evening of hunting...

there you go.