Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 things i'm thankful for

1. running water. hot. cold. from a faucet. from a hose. drinking water. well water. in a pool.
2. my sister...yeah, my brother-in-law too. they are irreplaceable (and indispensable, and indisposable, and irrevocable, and...hehe)
3. mom had a 41 OUNCE bag of skittles waiting for me when i arrived!!
4. my own coffee pot. for a year i've been pouring boiling water over coffee grinds and just letting them sink to the bottom, or (frown face) drinking nescafe!!! bye bye grinds, bye bye instant!
5. going out of my house and not stressing...because EVERYONE here speaks my language. it's a circus when most of your communication with people is charades or desperate attempts at sign language...or through a translator.
6. fields of green and skies of blue...and texas sunsets!! i start to wilt a bit when i can't see these things...oh and stars too!
7. rest.
8. a job (i took a teaching/coaching position at lee junior high!!), a house to live in, and hopefully wheels of my own very soon...(anyone selling or know of anything?)
9. steadfast friends that love me despite the fact that i leave the country for long periods of time and am not the greatest at communication...
10. hope in Christ...that i can't seem to get rid of or push away or sleep off or forget about or talk myself out of or label as nonsense. there it remains, because He has remained.

my cup runneth over...

ok and to change gears...i'm happy to be a texas girl. the last couple days i've enjoyed time working out at the ranch. i'm working on a farmer's tan and it ain't pretty. today we ear-tagged spring calves and sold off some bigger was fun. and my hot shot daddy shot a rattle snake!! i am definitely back in the lone star state!


~kristi said...

we are glad you are home too!! Minus the rattlesnakes

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

Way to go Dad ... one less rattlesnake I have to worry about!! :)

OhK-Booth said...

So, not only do I hate snakes, but I hate spiders and there was definitely a tarantula right outside the front door of my dad's house today. EEEk. I could have a hard time sleeping tonight.

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

Time to update!

OhK-Booth said...

Update! Update! Update! :)

~kristi said...

we need some updates on the teaching job!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Jill, YOu are a loser at blogging!!

Bring on the Monopoly! When do you want to play!? I'm ready!!!